Small Bathroom Wall Storage

Which one do you prefer between bathroom cabinets and bathroom shelves? Both types of bathroom storage are so interesting, but when you’re going to choose the bathroom storage, you better consider the spaces available inside your bathroom also your bathroom interior design, theme, and concept. For example, a wooden bathroom cabinet with carving details on the door is definitely inappropriate to your modern bathroom. Placing that bathroom cabinet into your modern bathroom will only make the room looks imbalance and weird. So you better be cautious in selecting bathroom storage depended on the bathroom design you’ve applied.

Glossy Small Bathroom Wall Storage

For a modern styled bathroom, the best small bathroom wall storage is bathroom cabinets with glossy texture. Install bathroom cabinets that the doors are glossy, for example there are bathroom cabinets that are completed with reflective glass for the doors – reflective glass is a dark glass that looks like a mirror. This is very appropriate for modern and minimalist bathroom.

Creative Small Bathroom Wall Storage

How about small bathroom wall storage for country styled bathroom? Easy, there are hundreds designs of bathroom wooden wall cabinets that are designed with carvings on the doors. The carvings make your bathroom looks more unique and artistic. They will be perfect when they meet a wall mirror that’s framed with woods or irons and completed with carving details too.

Cool Small Bathroom Wall Storage for Tight Bathroom For very small bathroom, there is no other small bathroom wall storage better than bathroom wall shelves. For the shelves, you can place some baskets made from natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, cardboard, or the other natural materials. The baskets make your bathroom looks neater and more organized than if you place your bathroom necessary without organizing them on each your bathroom shelf. So, which one of bathroom storage do you prefer for your bathroom?

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