Yard Signs Case Study: The LawnScapers

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Company History

Founded in 2006 by brothers Chris and Evan Lewis, The LawnScapers is a full-service lawn care company, offering both lawn maintenance and landscaping packages to the citizens of Greenville, South Carolina. Shortly after graduating from college, the twin brothers teamed up to form their business, which proved to be very successful due to low overhead and high-quality work. Running out of Chris’s home, The LawnScapers operates with a six-truck fleet and serves the entire city of Greenville.

Chris and Evan have been looking to expand to an actual office, but to do so requires a significant financial investment. Although the Lewises are willing to take a risk, they need to know that their business will continue to grow at a level that warrants the larger location.

Marketing Investment

For the first few years of the business’s existence, The LawnScapers advertised primarily through word-of-mouth and social-networking. This booked enough clients to keep the employees busy, but now that business is growing, Evan, who handles the marketing for the company, is looking for ways to expand the reach-advertising that makes good financial sense. Having turned down TV, radio, and even billboards because of budgetary constraints, Evan finally came across a medium that would work for the business-yard signage.

“It really makes perfect sense for us,” says Lewis, “Since we work on lawns all day, what better place to advertise our services?” He chose to order 100 corrugated plastic lawn signs, along with durable metal sign frames to place in the yards of The LawnScapers’ clients while the work was being done, for a total expenditure of just $3,000. In addition, he offered the clients a percentage discount off of their service if they agreed to leave the signs up for a few weeks after the project was complete.


The LawnScapers have a seen a fantastic response to their implementation of yard signs. Neighbors, passing motorists, and guests in the clients’ homes have all called the company. New client bookings have increased by 28{5fe04866ca9fa540ff8062fb3919cbcdc5d1bed3b807c1c94645c5e5b097c0e2} in just two weeks, and customer retention improved by 30{5fe04866ca9fa540ff8062fb3919cbcdc5d1bed3b807c1c94645c5e5b097c0e2} because of the special discount offer. Evan has expanded his sign campaign by ordering two long-lasting metal yard signs that say “LawnScapers’ Yard of the Month,” which are used in the yards of randomly-selected clients who receive a free month of service. This exciting promotional campaign is generating lots of attention and buzz for the company.

Business Recommendations

  • Be smart with your advertising. Find where your market is and send your message through that channel.
  • Pay attention to your return on investment. High-dollar marketing like TV and radio campaigns gets you lot of exposure, but how much of a result does it produce?
  • Promotional campaigns are great for building buzz. The goal is to get people talking about your business so that you’re in the top of their mind when they need your product or service.

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Finding the Right Lawn Service and Landscaping Company

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What are some of the things you should consider before hiring a lawn service company? Do you want to hire the cheapest company? What kind of experience does the company have? How long have they been in business? Are they licensed and insured? Are there employees professional and people you feel safe around? When hiring a lawn care company that has the cheapest bid there is usually a reason why they are the cheapest. Many times they do not carry the proper insurance and workers compensation to protect you if someone was to get hurt on a landscape job on your property. Also, they probably have not invested in the equipment to get the job done right.

What kind of experience do they have is also a concern. You do not want to be the first yard that someone practices laying sod on. Believe it or not, laying sod correctly is just as fine of art as laying tile. Anyone can throw sod and dig some holes for plants. But doing these correctly makes all the difference.

How long have they been in the lawn care business is also important. They are more likely to know the answer to questions you have and be able to recognize problems that you might have in you landscape. This also will reflect the kind of service you might get. Chances are if they do not provide good lawn service they will not be in business very long.

Are the employees that service your lawn professional and people that you will be safe around. How many lawn service companies have you seen mowing yards with there shirt off? This is not very professional and probably reflects on other aspects of the company as well. You do not want to hire a company that when the crew pulls up you feel like you have to run around locking all the doors.

Before hiring a company take all these into consideration before making a decision. Sometimes paying a little more for your lawn maintenance and landscaping is worth the piece of mind you will get from hiring a competent company.

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Yard Signs, Save Money By Designing Your Own

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Yard Signs are used for many different purposes in order to get a message out or for advertising a business. They are an effective way for you to be able to do this is. When made properly, these can help you to get your message across to anyone that happens to be passing by. Depending upon the purpose for which you need them, however, there may be some that are better suited for your particular purposes. Here are some of the main reasons why people would use yard signs and the different options that are available for you to choose from.

One of the primary reasons why people would use a sign in the yard is to advertise their business. It really doesn’t even need to be seen at the location of the physical business, as many of us are now working with small businesses that are operating out of our homes. All that is really necessary is for you to have an effective message on the sign itself, as well as information that will allow the person to take further action. This can be things such as a website, phone number or even just an email address.

Yard or lawn signs are also a very popular option for contractors. If you are going to be working in a neighborhood on a home, there are going to be plenty of people in the neighborhood who will be driving by on a regular basis. You can advertise your services directly on one of these signs in the location where you are currently working. This not only helps to make people aware of the services that you offer, the fact that you are already working in the neighborhood offers a certain degree of trust that is built in. Some of the different types of contractors that can effectively use yard signs include landscapers, pressure washers, painters, roofers and plumbers. Really, anything that you offer in the way of a service when you do it on location can be advertised on a corrugated plastic yard sign.

Are you having a difficulty selling an item? Perhaps you have a boat or other large item that you want to sell but just aren’t reaching the market properly. Yard signs can also be used for this type of advertising as well. Even having a yard sale can be advertised effectively with this type of sign and by just putting a few out in advance, you can attract attention to the sale that will be taking place in advance.

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Landscaping Services

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Good landscaping can dramatically improve your homes beauty and boost curb appeal. You can have the dream yard you always dreamed of or never even imagined with the right landscaping company. A professional landscaping company can have your yard looking great in no time. They will know how to select the right plants and come up with a new look that fits your budget and lifestyle. Your yard will be the talk of the town and a professional landscaping company can help you enjoy your home’s exterior. Whether you are curious about new plants, patios, walls, drainage issues, fences, fire pits or anything else that pertains to your yard, the right company can help you find what you are looking for in landscape design.

You have so many choices when it comes to landscaping your yard. There are bushes, plants, shrubs, flowers, trees and so much more all in a wide variety of styles. Whether you are looking for more color or something to make your yard really pop the right company has everything you need to make your yard look fabulous. The most professional company can recommend which foliage will work best in your yard for sun and shade and what fits regionally as well.

In addition to adding new plant life, you can also spruce up several areas of your yard. Say you want to install a new fire pit, patio or barbeque, the right company can do this for you. A new privacy fence will also keep your yard private and keep your pets and kids inside the gate. They can also do grading to level out problems areas of your yard and make a level surface for sod and plants to grow on. If you have any drainage issues this can be addressed as well. The right company will be able to answer and address all of your needs concerning your lawn.

So, curious about what you should do next? There are many options available if you choose to hire the services of a professional landscaping company. Be sure you take time to pick the best company that meets all of your needs. Friends, neighbors, the internet and local business guides may be able to point you in the right company. Before you make any decisions about what to do consult with the companies you find to ensure that they know what you want done to your yard and to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

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Lawn Care Service For the Average Homeowner

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When it comes to lawn care service, you likely fall into one of two categories. You approve of hiring a company to take care of the ins and outs of manicuring your yard, or you feel like that’s the job of the homeowner and it’s a job you take pride in doing. If you fall into the latter category, you should avail yourself of all the information you can when it comes to taking care of your yard. That includes knowing when to mow and how that decision affects the health of your grass.

Most people don’t give much thought to the time of day they mow their grass. This is often true of even a professional lawn care service, as they have a schedule to maintain and that means one or two yards will be mowed at the inappropriate time. What is this inappropriate time? Well, fortunately it’s the hottest time of the day, a time when most people don’t care to be out doing yard work anyway. Mowing the yard in the early afternoon, when the sun is beating down at its hottest, can actually put undue stress on the grass. It’s also unwise to mow right after it rains or when there is still dew on the grass from the night before. When you cut a wet yard, it can leave the grass open to several kinds of fungus and disease which can inhibit growth and actually kill the grass.

Another aspect of mowing that is important to keeping a healthy yard is the frequency with which it is done. Most companies involved in lawn care service will come on a regular schedule of once a week. This may or may not be an optimal schedule for your grass. A lot of it depends on what type of grass you have. The general rule of thumb for any yard is to cut off no more than one-third of the grass at a time. For cool grasses such as bluegrass, try to keep the height of the grass at just under three inches. Warm grasses such as bermuda grass can be trimmed shorter.

Finally, you should be cognizant of how you actually mow the grass. This is where it pays to hire a lawn care service. These professionals are experts in how to cut the grass so that it retains its health and looks its best. Of course, this is nothing the average homeowner can’t learn. Long, straight lines are the way to go for most of the yard. While this is typical practice, many people do not think to alternate these lines with each session. This alternating is important to keeping the grass alive and healthy. In other words, if you mow vertically this week, mow horizontally next week. Your yard will thank you.

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Small Yard Landscaping Tips To Make Your Small Space More Inviting

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One issue you may run into as a landscaper or someone trying to landscape their own yard is if the yard is too small, you’ll run into problems trying to figure out how to fill it. Many times it’ll seem like everything you add makes it even smaller.

So here are some tips for landscaping a small yard.

When an area is very small, such as an atrium, the first decision is whether or not it’s only to look at or if it can be used for dining, entertaining, or lounging. If you have two small areas, one can be devoted entirely to planting and the other for outdoor activities. If designed right, the space can turn out to be very welcoming and comfortable.

Using container plants, espaliers, vines, and hanging baskets are good ways of getting the maximum of greenery out of a small space. Dwarf shrubs like Wheelers dwarf tobira, compact nandina, red elf pyrocantha are great for small beds. Narrow upright plants like horsetail, foxtail fern, and cannas look great up against a coutyard wall.

Plants that are miniature versions of larger plants help achieve spacious quality.

A large shrub such as a pineapple guava or an old xylosma hedge can be pruned to look like a multi trunk tree, and fool the eye. A row of golden bamboo can be thinned out to widely spaced canes can give the illusion of a forest. Companion plants should have smaller leaves, like nandina or junipers. Use small boulders, a small 2 x 4 deck, and small pebbles for a ground cover to complete the look of a small Japanese garden.

Espaliers I like and use in small yards and courtyards are

  • roses
  • pyracantha
  • yew pine
  • bronze loquat
  • xylosma
  • red tip photina.

For hanging plants–try using asparagus fern, spider plant, ivy or rosemary, herbs, any succulents like hearts and flowers, chicks and hens.

Container or potted plants that won’t take up a lot of room in a small landscape but can add a lot of interest include:

  • parry agave
  • Tropicana canas
  • black bamboo
  • icee blue podacarpus
  • brazilian rain tree

Heat is intensified and sun / shade patterns change drastically with the seasons in an area enclosed by tall walls. North facing walls may never get any direct sunlight and a southern exposure can be a real problem. Choose your plants carefully for these areas.

For special touches, try adding some seating made of thin wrought iron and avoid using thick oversized wood furniture. A glass table-top will help with the illusion of ample space.

If your courtyard has a gate, try using a wrought iron to provide an open air feeling. Small water features can give a small space a tranquil feeling and the sound of water is amplified in small enclosed areas.

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Should You Get References Prior to Hiring a Lawn Service?

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Did a friend, of a friend, tell you their uncle could do your lawn service for next to nothing? Somehow, I think that if you looked too close at that you’d find out he might have crashed his lawnmower into the last customers prized flower bed. If these things don’t concern you then, by all means, don’t worry about references. However, if you’d like to keep your envied iris in one piece, so that you’ve got a fighting chance in the next neighborhood garden contest, then it might just be in your best interest to look into just who is doing your yard service.

Protect yourself. Knowing that a company is willing to give you references is a comfort, and one that should be followed through. An honest lawn service company is going to give you valid and shining references, because, well, their happy customers are the ones that help their business grow. They’ll be relying on those same references to not only tell you how well they’ve done but to spread the word to their neighbors, family, and friends. You’ll know that they stand behind their work, and they aren’t going to be taking the job for granted, because word of mouth will spread.

On the other hand a dishonest lawn care company naturally would be reluctant to give you any references, they aren’t going to want you talking to the people whose property they may have damaged. Getting references will help you protect your property, and make sure you’re finding someone who is going to do quality work, not forget to mow the back half of the yard.

Now, protect your pocket book. References also allow you an opportunity to ensure that the lawn care company you’re hiring is sticking to their word. A dishonest company may say a yard care service is going to cost one thing, then start tacking on extras. With references you can ask questions about staying within the estimated price range, and if there were any unexpected costs. An honest company is going to give you the absolute best estimate they can, and then they are going to stick to that as closely as possible, and they won’t dream of trying to throw in unexpected price changes, or undisclosed fees, lawn maintenance services, especially local ones, are looking for loyal and repeat business.

You’re hiring someone to provide you with a service, and just like any other, lawn service is important, they’ll be working on your yard, which can often be the first thing people see when coming to your home. A reputable lawn care company will be more than willing to share their references, and understand that you want to know what kind of work they do. It won’t matter to them what type of project you plan to hire them for, be it a onetime yard service, weekly yard care or full landscaping, they won’t hesitate to give you the contact information for customers who will attest to their work ethic, and quality.

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Free Front Yard Landscaping Tips

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I have been trying for approximately a year now to sell my house, but owing to the market still being rather bad, it does not look like that is planning to happen. So I am considering pulling the home out of the listings, making some improvements, and giving it another go a couple years in the future. I was hoping to move into a smaller location having a lower mortgage and property tax burden, but I guess I will survive like this for a minimum of a little while longer. For the time getting, I require to have some painters, plumbers, and electricians in here, and seem through some yard landscaping suggestions to brighten things up a bit.

I was truly hoping to get some front yard landscaping ideas just from driving around the neighborhood, but that’s not about to take place. It appears that persons around here only pay attention to the backyard — which I guess makes sense since that’s where they invest most of their time. Everyone has a deck having a barbecue grill, and some folks even have swimming pools, so we have a lot of nice backyards in the area. But everyone, myself included, could certainly use a few more front yard landscaping ideas.

I am thinking about checking the web for free front yard landscaping thoughts prior to I sit down and talk to some professionals about getting the work done. I’m not even sure what I want to do with the location at this point, but will probably stick to some straightforward stuff at the beginning. I would like to make the house glimpse more inviting and add some “curb appeal” that will aid me market the place down the road. I know some persons go all out with cobblestone walkways, exotic trees and bushes, and wrought-iron gates. As a lot as I would love to add individuals elements to my property, there’s just no way I could afford individuals types of improvements, so I’m going to go with something significantly more simple. I’m positive I’ll find suitable front yard landscaping concepts on those no cost design sites. It is just gonna be a matter of choosing a theme and getting someone to implement it for me.

I am not certain if these types of improvements will end up creating a difference in selling the home, but they can’t hurt. Plus, if I wind up staying here even longer than expected, I’ll a minimum of have a nicer position to live in, correct? It is truly a win-win situation if I desire to glimpse at it that way!

It shouldn’t take more than a couple weekends of sifting via front yard landscaping tips to come up having a fundamental outline of what I need to accomplish. Then I’ll invest a Saturday talking to landscapers, and get them in to complete the perform as soon as feasible. If all goes smoothly, I may get everything done in a month or so. I better get cracking!

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Beef Up Spring Revenue With This Often Forgotten Service

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Over the past years landscape, cleaning and other service type companies have found hidden veins of income doing seasonal. Or location specific type jobs that people are willing to pay to have done rather than do themselves. Like me, many of my neighbors this past holiday season opted to pay a local landscape company to hang Christmas lights from my home. The $100 dollars I spent to have this done for me was well worth me not having to get out the ladder, fall off the roof, and I avoided freezing to death.

This is the third year I paid for this service. After the first year I started thinking about what other areas are available for service companies to make more money. I stumbled onto a huge one that has paid for my summer vacations now 2 years running…headstone cleaning on Memorial Day weekend!

This year I tried a different twist…

I made this “how to” guide and a website and marketed online this year hoping to add to my large profits in the headstone cleaning business. But what did I find? That people do not want to do this work themselves. It was easier for them to shell out $160 dollars (per year) for me to the work for them than the $29.99 to learn how to do this for themselves. That’s why it makes the perfect add-on business for any service company!

Too many times in the service industry we have to do some hard convincing to get people to pay for our services over doing it for themselves. I apparently have stumbled upon one service where people will quickly write you a check and become repeat customers and all I have really done is place simple ads in the news papers. This May I made good money and all of it pure profit in five 12 hour days of work. Days that were long but not filled with any type of grueling labor. In doing the math I found that I was making over $390 dollars an hour! I felt like a doctor!

Now May is by far the best month for this service due to the Memorial Day holiday here in the US. But money can be made on a monthly basis. Money that will greatly add to any service business’s bottom line. Now that you know; can you afford not to offer this simple service?

Headstone cleaning is a cheap and easy service that you can ad to your businesses list of services that can profit you big time. Supply costs are low, the labor is minimal and the marketing is easy. I REPEAT THE MARKETING IS EASY!!! People want this product and the beautiful thing is that not many cities have anyone offering this product. In reading this article right now you may have just found a new profitable niche that people in your area are ready to pay for. Many of these people you already have access to as they are a part of your customer base. They have a positive relationship with your business and are ready to pay you to clean their loved ones monuments. Your business’s path to beefier profits is simple…offer headstone cleaning.

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Three Design Tips for a Dog-Friendly Garden

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After more than thirty years I can say that it is possible to have a well appointed garden and a happy dog too. Through trial and error, advice from nurserymen and master gardeners, and sharing ideas with gardening friends, I have learned about gardening with dogs. It isn’t too complicated, really.

I simply keep three things in mind. First, I begin with the end in mind. The yard and garden have to suit the needs of everyone in the family, including Lizzie, our dog. After all, she spends more time outside that we do. She needs a little open space to romp (so do we), a comfortable place in the sun tempered with a bit of shade (so do we), and she enjoys a cool drink on those warm summer nights… there seems to be a pattern here. OK, our dog pretty much enjoys most all the same garden features we do. But wait, we’re not quite done.

I’ve noticed that dogs rarely appreciate the fragility of those specimen plants the nurseries charge so much for. Nor do they appreciate artfully winding paths. Every dog I have known has taken the most direct route to her destination. I discovered this in my first garden many years ago. I was new to Oregon and wanted some of those incredible Rhododendrons. I popped for eight beauties in five-gallon pots. Every day, my Rhodies got a little smaller as my lively Springer Spaniel ran down the garden path and “bumped” into them.

Susan’s Top “Dog Friendly” Plants

These plants don’t show up on anyone’s “toxic” list and will bounce back from a little abuse.

  • California Lilac (Ceanothus sp.)
  • Chokeberry (Aronia sp.)
  • Clumping bamboo
  • Coreopsis
  • Currents or Ribes sp. (Saxifragaceae)
  • Honeysuckle (Lonicera sp.)
  • Lavendar (Lavandula sp.)
  • Ornamental Grasses (various varieties of Deschampsia, Eragrostis, Helictotrichon Miscanthus, Pennisetum)
  • Rockrose (Cistus sp.)
  • Sedges (Carex sp.)
  • Bridal wreath (Spirea thunbergii)
  • “Spring Bouquet” Viburnum (Caprifoliacceae tinus)
  • Dwarf purple osier willow (Salix sp.)

My advice is to note your dog’s natural paths through the yard and plant tough and hearty specimens near play and run areas. See my list for some other hearty plants that can be “bowled over” and recover nicely.

My final planning point is to know your dog’s nibbling habits and know what parts of the plants in your yard might be toxic. Back when I started gardening, if I had I known that all parts of the Rhododendron and Azalea are toxic to dogs, I would not have planted them. Fortunately, my dog preferred salads of green beans and strawberries. Today, my garden is full of Rhodies and Azaleas, but I know that our dog, Lizzie, limits her nibbles to a couple of harmless ornamental grasses. It’s easy to find out what plants and parts of plants are toxic – just search on: “pet toxic plants”.

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