Landscaping Design Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

Posted on March 28, 2018 By

First, you do not have to be an expert to have the best landscaping for your yard. Here are some basic landscaping design tips that will allow you to have the best yard, and even the gratification of building it yourself.

These are specifically tips and tricks that will assist you in creating your own landscaping environment even if you cannot do draft drawings. You may still need pencil and paper to assist you with developing your ideas, but overall you can do these with only a measuring tape, yarn, and maybe a few sticks from the yard.

Start your landscaping ideas from the outside and work in, this way you are not running out of space unexpectedly. As you design, consider where people will enter, if you will need or want to keep out children or animals, and what types of plants you will use.

Many people will take and map out sections for trees, if you have not bought the trees yet, remember that miniature trees can still get up to six feet tall, and shade can be more than triple that. In addition, while trees are wonderful pieces for a yard, they can require a great deal of maintenance, particularly trees that fruit.

You can use trees to border your yard; however, if you have animals and children in your area, you may wish to put up a small wooden fence until the trees have grown large enough to defend themselves. If you select to use a fence, measure the parameter of the yard more than once, it is very easy to miscalculate how much fencing you will need.

After you have determined what goes around the outside of your yard, plan the inside working your way in slowly, but remember that you may wish to move throughout the yard once the landscaping is done. You can plan for paths or walkways to move through.

Map out where you might want walkways by tying strings around the sticks and placing them where the walkways will go. This will help you measure the space you need for the walkway and check to see if your walkway is big enough for a person.

Finally, your landscaping design tips can be easy if you remember to take along your measuring tape to monitor the space you are using and use the yarn and sticks to map right out while you work. This way, you do not need drafting skills, and you can do your yard successfully yourself.

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