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xwatering-large-garden.jpg.pagespeed.ic.E_iizxStz7I prefer the use of organic fertilizers due to all of its advantages. So what are the different types of organic fertilizers?

There are many and most are easily accessible so you can start gardening organically in no time. But it would be no fun for me to tell you about all of the ways to fertilize organically, so I am going to only tell about the disgusting methods.

When you peel an orange or a banana, don’t throw out the peels or leave them on the ground for someone to slip on because they can be used for compost! This compost serves as an excellent organic fertilizer. Compost protects against pest and diseases, is cost-effective, and helps with habitat restoration efforts.

Other food trimmings can be used in compost as well as yard trimmings, dryer lint, sawdust, and cotton rags among many others including ANIMAL MANURE. You read correctly, animal droppings provide important nutrients and in case you were wondering, human manure is included in this category. Although manure is a rather displeasing way to fertilize your plants, there is an even more disgusting way to do so.

Sewer Sludge! Yes, I use the recycled material from waste-water treatment plants to grow their plants. Advantages of its use include its low cost and easy accessibility for those who liver near waste-water plants. Be careful not to use too much though because toxic levels can rise, thus making it very dangerous.

An almost equally disgusting way to fertilize your plants is through the use of blood meal, which is collected from the blood of cows at a slaughterhouse. At least some other good is coming out of the slaughtering of cows other than the making of hamburgers. After the blood is dried and powdered, care must be taken when using it as a fertilizer as extreme doses can be harmful.

One last unappetizing way to organically fertilize your plants is through the use of fish emulsions. Partly composed of decomposed fish, fish emulsions are an excellent way to keep your plants alive and thriving. So now that you know some rather interesting ways to fertilize your plants organically, get out there and turn your knowledge into action.

I personally enjoy my contribution to the environment as I use organic fertilizers. However, I do have one word of advice: Take a little while before eating.

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