Elegant Living Room Sets

Before decorating our living room with elegant living room sets we must decide the theme of our living room first. After choosing and applying the theme, we can start hunting for new living room furniture set and place it inside our living room to complete that room. About living room furniture set, there are dozens types we can choose. But now, we’ll show you only several types you can consider.

Minimalist but Elegant Living Room Sets

Just like its name, minimalist but elegant living room set is designed with very simple shape. This sofa is gives priority to its function to represent comfort to anyone who sits on the sofa. Minimalist sofa set usually has only one function with its classic shape that can’t be changed. Another characteristic of minimalist sofa set is this has firm and straight stripes and has no curves on the body.

Size of Minimalist and Elegant Living Room Sets

Beside, the size of minimalist sofa set usually is not too large so that it won’t take too many spaces inside living room – especially small living room. This type of sofa sets is very appropriate for living room with modern and minimalist concept. But due to this sofa set is designed very simple, this sofa set looks not too elegant. Even so, minimalist sofa set won’t look too contrast to place in contemporary living room.

Decorations for Elegant Living Room Sets

So if you want to place minimalist but elegant living room sets and you need to make it looks more elegant, try to install elegant pendant lamp right over the coffee table, luxurious coffee table, or marvelous wallpaper. That is included as minimalist sofas are ottoman and loveseat. Or you can also place some seat cushions with elegant upholstery on your minimalist sofa set for more glamour appearance in your living room.

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