Beef Up Spring Revenue With This Often Forgotten Service

Posted on December 28, 2017 By

Over the past years landscape, cleaning and other service type companies have found hidden veins of income doing seasonal. Or location specific type jobs that people are willing to pay to have done rather than do themselves. Like me, many of my neighbors this past holiday season opted to pay a local landscape company to hang Christmas lights from my home. The $100 dollars I spent to have this done for me was well worth me not having to get out the ladder, fall off the roof, and I avoided freezing to death.

This is the third year I paid for this service. After the first year I started thinking about what other areas are available for service companies to make more money. I stumbled onto a huge one that has paid for my summer vacations now 2 years running…headstone cleaning on Memorial Day weekend!

This year I tried a different twist…

I made this “how to” guide and a website and marketed online this year hoping to add to my large profits in the headstone cleaning business. But what did I find? That people do not want to do this work themselves. It was easier for them to shell out $160 dollars (per year) for me to the work for them than the $29.99 to learn how to do this for themselves. That’s why it makes the perfect add-on business for any service company!

Too many times in the service industry we have to do some hard convincing to get people to pay for our services over doing it for themselves. I apparently have stumbled upon one service where people will quickly write you a check and become repeat customers and all I have really done is place simple ads in the news papers. This May I made good money and all of it pure profit in five 12 hour days of work. Days that were long but not filled with any type of grueling labor. In doing the math I found that I was making over $390 dollars an hour! I felt like a doctor!

Now May is by far the best month for this service due to the Memorial Day holiday here in the US. But money can be made on a monthly basis. Money that will greatly add to any service business’s bottom line. Now that you know; can you afford not to offer this simple service?

Headstone cleaning is a cheap and easy service that you can ad to your businesses list of services that can profit you big time. Supply costs are low, the labor is minimal and the marketing is easy. I REPEAT THE MARKETING IS EASY!!! People want this product and the beautiful thing is that not many cities have anyone offering this product. In reading this article right now you may have just found a new profitable niche that people in your area are ready to pay for. Many of these people you already have access to as they are a part of your customer base. They have a positive relationship with your business and are ready to pay you to clean their loved ones monuments. Your business’s path to beefier profits is simple…offer headstone cleaning.

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