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Guidelines for Planning Desert Safari

If you are planning to go far a desert safari then you will have to travel very early in the morning since your journey in the desert will be slow hence you should take with you light and even take an early lunch. Make sure you don’t carry with you heavy launch or even take heavy food before the journey since the dune bashing and bumpy ride will make you feel nauseous. Other essentials you may carry includes a hat and sunglasses to prevent strong heat burns from the desert sun and a cameras to document your experience in the desert.

Since you may want to buy souvenir to remind you of your desert safari then carrying some cash and your credit card to be able to purchase should be a must. There is no need to carry with you excess food staffs and water since there are comfort shops before dune bashing starts where you can buy refreshments and snacks. If you don’t have a camera then don’t worry since you can always find professional photographers in the desert to take a photo of yourself hence remember to carry some cash.

The weather in the desert is very hot thus loose clothes are the best option to ensure you are comfortable during the entire safari. Consider light clothing to wear during your desert safari that are loose enough and comfortable during the entire desert safari. To ensure you walk in the desert fine soil comfortable without collecting soil in your shoes then open shoes and sandals are the right to wear.

Deserts are difficult to meander through if you are not experienced hence to ensure you successfully tour the desert completely then hire a skilled driver to drive you throughout the safari. Ensuring you have a nice time during your desert safari will depend on the skilled driver and vehicle he/she uses to drive you through the safari and thus should be one that uses a strong vehicle like 4WD. If you would wish to ride a camel then do so sooner than later as you may lack to find one later when you are about to complete your desert safari.

Souvenirs sold in the desert are usually at an overpriced value hence you can research to find out a fair price sold at malls to compare with the actual price you will be charged for similar items during your desert safari. Consider finding a guide who will educate you on the dos and don’ts during your desert safari to ensure the business guys operating in the desert do not take advantage of you because you are a tourist.

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