3 Reasons to Buy the New Purple Mattress

Posted on November 21, 2018 By

In 1989 the brand-new Purple Company introduced a specially engineered mattress created for all sleep styles. The popular product costs less than many less effective mattresses and has a 10-year warranty. Clients order it online and have it shipped to their homes. They are free to test it for 100 nights. These and other benefits are the reason why visitors flock to sites like www.mattress-guides.net/new-purple-mattress-review-complaints for more info on the latest Purple mattress. Reviews consistently report that the mattress excels in areas such as firmness levels and support. It also offers minimal motion transfer and sinkage.

A Premium Mattress That Offers Support and Comfort

One of the factors that makes the new Purple mattress so amazing is that it is both firm and soft. There are several versions of the newest product and they are known as Purple 1, 2, 3 and 4. Purple 2 includes a comfort grid and responsive coils that support sleepers’ pressure points. Purple 3 is softer and well balanced. It is recommended for sleepers who change positions often. The plushest option is Purple 4. It provides a nearly weightless feeling and offers nearly 100% pressure relief. All Purple mattresses include open structures that create airflow designed to keep sleepers cool.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer Are Minimal

Motion transfer describes what happens when one sleeper moves on a mattress and the sleeper next to them is affected by the movement. The amount that a sleeper’s body sinks into a mattress is known as sinkage. The best mattresses are built to minimize both of these issues. The latest Purple mattresses include individually wrapped coils that reduce motion transfer. Sinkage is also minimized. Sleepers on the Purple 3 do sink a little into the hyperelastic polymer cover, which gives them a feeling of sleeping on top of the bed. The Purple 2 has a bit less sinkage and the Purple 4 a bit more since it is the softest.

Despite the vast number of comfort mattresses on the market, many shoppers choose one from the Purple line. The Purple Company offers a range of carefully engineered mattresses that provide exceptional support and comfort for every type of sleeper.

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